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Poor Credit Mortgages

Can I get a mortgage with bad credit?

When you apply for a mortgage, lenders will check your credit history to understand how well you manage your finances. They’ll also need an I get a mortgage with bad credit?

It’s possible to get a mortgage with poor credit, but it helps to show yourself in the best possible light. That means taking care of your credit history and budgeting sensibly.


When you remortgage, you take out a new loan on a property you already own. You do this to either replace your existing mortgage product to get cheaper interest rates, or to release some cash from your home to meet your current financial needs or fund a lifestyle decision.
Decades ago, it wasn’t unusual for homeowners to stay with the same provider throughout the course of their entire mortgage. Nowadays, however, Remortgaging for better terms or to access some equity is commonplace. It’s a bit like searching around for the best energy rates or the more affordable broadband contracts, although the financial consequences are much greater if you choose the wrong mortgage – and this is why it’s so important to seek professional advice before making the switch.

Home Movers

Mortgage advice for Home Movers

Are you ready to buy your next home?
It’s an amazing feeling when you move into a new property, a fresh start, new neighbours, different layout, maybe even an extra bedroom or two. But, buying and selling properties at the same time can be stressful.

There are a lot of individual parties that you will need to deal with, solicitors, estate agents, your new mortgage provider, vendors, as well as looking into moving companies, home insurance, life insurance… I’m sure you get the picture. It’s a lot of phone calls, emails and documents – something we could all do without!

First Time Buyers

You do not qualify as a first time buyer if you have owned a property in the past, or if you have inherited property from a friend or family member. Similarly, if you own a house or flat but your partner does not, and you want to purchase somewhere new together, you will not be eligible for first time buyer mortgage schemes.